We Donate 

all the money we raise to the Women's Foundation Of California

We donate all the money we raise to the Women's Foundation of California:



#BornStrong all started  in a fifth grade project. The project is called Impact Hour. Every kid partners up and tries to make an impact on the world, or just in our school community! Riley & Emmy, the co-founders, decided to expand on this idea. They decided that they would create the #BornStrong movement. We hope you enjoy, and thank you!

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We wrote a speech to perform at our soapbox stands, as part of our project, and here it is!

Originally, it was thought that women were the weaker sex. That if they wanted to work outside of the home, the were instantly denied. That if they wanted play sports, they weren’t strong enough to finish the race.

Now, women are still discriminated against in the workplace, on the playing field or anywhere else, just because they have an extra “x” chromosome. Women have proven these stereotypes wrong repeatedly, but not everything has changed. We still have to defy a ton of those stereotypes, and you can help. There needs to be change, equal rights for women, and you should know that.

Here are 3 things that you can do to stay pro-feminism and lead a sexism free life:

  1. Say “Yes, I can!”

When you get up in the morning, your first waking thought should be, “Yes, I can!” It is scientifically proven that having a positive attitude can improve your performance level in whatever it is that you are doing. When you are down and people are stepping all over you, say to yourself, “Yes, I can!” you will be boosted with confidence to the very top of the podium, in whatever you love to do.


     2.   Don’t listen to somebody who has told you to change.

If that’s what they are thinking, they have no clue who you are and what you can be by just being yourself. Choosing to be yourself, is listening to your gut, doing the right thing, and following your dreams, and no one can take that away from you.

    3.      If you fail, you’re Learning.

DON’T GIVE UP! You can do something wrong and learn from it. If you are feeling bad about yourself, repeat #1; Say, “Yes, I Can!”. If you believe enough to try again, then you should stand up, dust yourself off and no one will know the difference. Not even you! Getting something right isn’t just an snap of the fingers and you’ll have it, you have to work your butt off, and then work some more!

“It’s not how many times you fall, it’s how many times you get back up again.”

~Vince Lombardi

Everything takes practice, persistence, and dreams.




Hi, I’m Emmy, and I’m one of the Co-Founders of the #BornStrong Movement. I was inspired to create an impact in women’s rights because I hate that there is still discrimination pretty much everywhere, but especially in sports. My parents met playing sports, one of my moms coaches not only my soccer team, but also my rugby team. my other mom works for a sports store and won the women’s rugby world cup in 1994. I adore playing sports and the field, pitch or court are  my happy places. I can’t believe that we are still suffering all over the world from something so simple as our gender. This needs to change. And NOW!


Hi my name is Riley. I am one of the co-founders of the #Born Strong movement. I loooooooove soccer. Women’s rights is also my thing to. I am a soon to be woman, who loves sports, I basically have to support women’s rights. But it is unfair that women around the globe are suffering from the pay gap. It is important to help people with the things you love. I am becoming stronger with my words and I want to share them with the world. Women are just as good as men. We can be strong, we can be brave, we can be determined, we will also never give up, and we can accomplish the impossible with that. Remember, if you split up impossible, you get “I’m possible”. We are the next generation! We have to inspire each other to be at our best and love each other equally. So, I suggest we have equal pay now!